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"Basic" Group

"Expert" Group

Eldrin Sarric (2/5, Prydwen) - L1 Elven Courtier.

Parker (2/22, Prydwen) - L1 Fighter. Ankatelos' former henchman.


Dorp, The Village Idiot - The Level 1 Fighter with 4 Int and 5 Cha. Died of dysentery. Such squirt! Very Oregon Trail.

Hrothgar - The Level 1 Viking Shaman. Captured by wererats in the dirty hippy dungeon. Turned into a werewolf, then killed by the next party.

Ankatelos - The Level 2 Noobrian Wonderbread– er, Nobiran Wonderworker. Eaten by a green dragon.

Xenokrates - The Level 1 Warlock. Killed by an animated suit of armor.

Ragnvaldr Redhelm - Level 1 Dwarven Tombsealer. Fraternal twin to Ragnhildr. Gobbled up by giant lizards in the dirty hippy dungeon, as the rest of the party made a tactical withdrawl!


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