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You've had the dubious misfortune of falling down a pit trap and finding yourself lost in a dark and twisty labyrinth.

If you have any suggestions, criticisms, death-threats, or whatever, then please contact me.

Although this site is largely inactive for the moment, I am still active in obsolete computer enthusiast circles, and all of my contact info and various media sites are listed here: http://ocfco.net/info.html.

The Projects!

The Dizzy Dragon Podcast (maybe active? maybe?) - A crappy podcast about classical D&D things. Only on YouTube at the moment…..

Deconstructing B/X D&D (inactive for the moment) - A statistical deconstruction of B/X D&D, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the system, in hopes of informing us on how to go about improving the “old-school” mechanic while retaining the proper “feel”.

Adventure Generator (inactive for the foreseeable future) - A so-called “Old School” dungeon generator, written in PHP. It makes use of the wonderful Geomorphs created by Dyson Logos, and can key the dungeons with encounters from the Moldvay Basic D&D Boxed Set, the Moldvay/Cook B/X Boxed Sets combination, or the d20 Pathfinder game (though the Pathfinder keying is a little wonky). This project is on hold, because it “got too serious for PHP” (at least for me, as really dislike PHP lol). I may someday reimplement it as a J2EE web application running on google appengine, or maybe a client-side GWT app, but this PHP version isn't going to get anymore love.

B/X D&D Character Generator (done) - A quick hack of the Labyrinth Lord generator from http://truculent.org/llchar/, modified to roll B/X characters. Source code is included, but it's a bit messy. D:

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