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Demon Whorse Slain By Local Adventurers

Be me, just a simple demon horse, hanging out in the Wilderlands island grasslands, minding my own business.
Chuds in a big stupid boat crash into some rocks near my hunting ground. Ha ha ha, losers.
They go off in the direction of the trolls. Lul. Dumbasses. This is gon be good.
A couple days later, they are back. Wtf.
I trot up to say Hi. Maybe to eat one of them too. That lawful male human fighter looks pretty tasty ngl.
They think I'm just a normal horse LOL. This gon be good. Billions must roll initiative!
I try to nibble at LMHF and they attack me! Rude!
I bite the fighter really hard and shake him until he stops moving. His blood is delicious!
Then the barbarian slices me open real good. Ouch!
Run away!
They strike again as I flee. That really hurt!
Everything is fading.

Dammit, all I wanted was a snack. :-(

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