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(I didn't make any of these. They are copypasta from Jihmi's Discord, and were made by him and Westwolf.)

World and Continental Maps

Brythonnia Borderlands Hexcrawl Map

Cities, Towns, Villages, Castes, Etc


Capital of the realm. Class III city. Ruled by the young Prince Constantine, assisted by his regents Lord Corban and Lady Adridatha.


1 - Walled Palace, Royal Guard barracks
2 - Merchant's Guildhouse
3 - Ironclad Mercenary Guildhouse
4 - The Grapevine, upper class tavern
5 - Cathedral of Light 
6 - Hospital of Marie + Monastery
7 - The Grand Arena
8 - Lethantis Association 
9 - City Garrison Headquarters
10 - Dwarf District
11 - Rosebalm Tavern, Gardens, and Spa

Caer Sidi

Caer Sidi is a stone fortress built atop a tall hill that overlooks the nearby river that seperates the edge of Brythhonic civilization from the wilderness. When Brythonnia was part of the Concurssi Empire the fortress experienced many renovations, transforming it from a crude highlander stronghold into a proud Empire fortress.

Duke Brisley and his garrison live within the fortress walls. Over the years, many have flocked to its protective presence as well as settling there due to tis status as the duchal seat. It is a class v market.

Caer Sidi's village features a few landmarks

  • A market square where goods are bought and sold
  • A mercenary house where the band “Bert's Militia” reside
  • A Concurrsi bathhouse
  • The tavern “The Fair Damsal”

Inside the keep there are a few landmarks as well

  • Barracks for the common and elite soldiery
  • Offices
  • Storehouses
  • Mustering square
  • Cistern, well, and gardens
  • Chapel of Light
  • Hospital, tended to by Ladies of Marie
  • The Keep


Preview of Carreg aka Stone keep. It is a class IV city.

The preferred method of judicial execution in Carreg is tossing the convicted down the side of the steep 200’ slope. Survivors are free to go.

Caer Brynnwald

North of Caer Sidi a small castle sits atop a rock in the midst of the River Green. At the foot of the land bridge is a Market Class VI Village of thatched roof huts dominated by farming and a fishing industry.


Hovelton sits at #12 on the map. A class VI village of around 200 or so Halflings. The settlement is defended by a large thick hedgerow, carefully grown and tended to over the centuries.

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