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Campaign Background

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High Concept

For 350 years the Concurrsi Empire forced its rule upon the Brythonnic peoples. First through client states after a failed invasion, and thenthrough complete military subjugation half a century later. The Brythonnic's however over time came to live at peace with their Concurssi rules and eventually merge cultures and ideas together.

The prosperity could not last however. The Empire on its home continent began to decline. Concurssi's legions were pulled back, leaving the region ripe for plunder by the neighboring Wild Elves to the northeast and the Barbarians to the southwest. Years of chaos followed as raids and invasions happened at increasing intensity, technology and culture began to regress.

At their darkest hour, a Concurssi legion captain, from one of the last remaining legions, made himself known. This man was known as Aretar Pandaelin. Aretar rallied the Brythonnics and the Legions and combined them into a cohesive force. He led them first to defeat the largest Barbarian horde the realm had ever seen and then turned back to defeat a fearsome force of Wild Elves. He was soon crowned King of the Brythonnics, decades of peace and prosperity soon followed. However, tragedy fell when the King mysteriously disappeared during a diplomatic mission to the old continent. No one knows where he is, leaving a council of squabbling high nobles to rule in his stead and the Kingdom has fallen once again into instability. In the decades that followed, the borderland keeps have been left with skeleton crews and peasants leveed en masse, having been redirected towards the plundering barbarian and elven hordes, leaving the borderlands short of troops and able-bodied men. In the absence of such defenders dark forces begin to stir in the borderlands, bad blood between cultures are renewed, pesants dissent, and subjugated beastmen begin to stir once more. Will you become a hero of the realm, an opportunist getting rich, or something more sinister?


The Kingdom of Brythonnia is a gender-neutral Feudal Society with a 4th-5th century level of technology. Peasants are beholden to their liege lords, with a fair degree of autonomy. Commoners and freefolk trade and ply their crafts.

In the borderlands, life has become worse. Culture, healthcare, food, technology, knowledge, security and sanitation have significantly regressed. This has create an unstable, dangerous geographic area.

There is a culture of Athurian Legends and Chivalry In Brythonnia. Inspired by their hero-king, bravery and martial prowess are held in high esteem, damsels are courted and protected, and there is a sense of noble obligation towards poorer folk. Although this is often misconstrued and abused by those of higher social standing. Cultures Real world cultaral parallels include Dark Age Anglo-Saxons, Viking, Celtic, and Frankish influences.

Brythonnics - A mix of Brythonnic natives and Concurssi immigrants from the Empire days. Civilized and cultured. Highlanders - Mainly native Brythonnics living in the higher elevations. Hotheaded, proud people. Barbarians - “Viking” raiders, traders, and immigrants. Elves - Wild elves who dwell in their forest realms and the more civilized High Elves who still maintain contact with human cultures. Often held in ill regard due to their conniving and haughty nature. Dwarves - They're dwarves. Friends of men. Other cultures: From far flung regions or living in isolation away from civilization. Treated with curosity and sometimes suspicion.


In urban centers there is a large concurssi influence; buildings of brick and worked stone, public fountains, and bathhouses, are common features. However, ever since the departure of the Legions these have overtime declined. New buildings are being constructed of rock and wood and thatched with hay. Repairs are often neglected and never done. Reading and writing has dramatically gone done. Much knowledge is being lost.


The people of Brythonnia typically worship a pantheon of three gods. These typically are referred to as the Gods of Light. Together they make up a system of beliefs that encourage bravery, charity, and wisdom. Heroes, great warriors, and other who have greatly served are sometimes regarded as “Saints” Heironeus, the Valiant Marie, the healing Goddess. Logos, Living knowledge. Other cults of lawful, neutral, and chaotic gods do exist and are sometimes tolerated, depending on what they stand for.


Magic in this realm is managed by the Lethantis Association, an organization established by a mysterious mage that was rumored to have mentored King Aretar. These days, it helps manage and protect the realm. The Association is based out of their large tower in Prydwen. (edited) August 23, 2023

Knightly Orders

  • Order of the Rose - the most chivalrous of the orders, emphasizing compassion, noble obliges, and helping those in need. Based out of Prydwen, adjacent to the Cathedral.
  • Order of the Sword -the most valorous of the orders, emphasizing glory and honor in battle. Based out of Wolf's Keep.
  • Order of the Arcane -an eccentric lot, emphasizing the acquisition of powerful arcane items and control of magic. This order serves as the military branch of the Lethantis association. Based out of Prydwen, Adjacent to the Association Tower.

Thieves' Guilds

There is a shadowy organization based out of Prydwen but it maintains its secrecy well through a large network of lieutenants, fronts, and smuggling networks.

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