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You've had the dubious misfortune of falling down a pit trap and finding yourself lost in the dark and twisty labyrinth of Dizzy Dragon Games!

We really like old RPG stuff here. So gird your loins, take up your shield and sword, and let's be about it!

If you have any suggestions, criticisms, death-threats, or whatever, then Please Contact Us!

The Projects!

Lawrence's Labyrinth (in design stages) - A slightly more modern re-imagining/tribute to an old mainframe-style dungeon crawl game written by the late Daniel Lawrence, originally called “DND”. Arguably the “first” computer RPG, the original was a somewhat-Roguelike game which fell into oblivion due to the language it was written in (VMS BASIC+) being unsupported by any kind of even remotely modern systems (and the code being too, well, “BASIC-like” to really port into a maintainable state in a current language of any kind).

Deconstructing B/X D&D (inactive for the moment) - A statistical deconstruction of B/X D&D, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the system, in hopes of informing us on how to go about designing the mechanics for the game presented in Let's Build an RPG!.

Adventure Generator (inactive for the foreseeable future) - A so-called “Old School” dungeon generator, written in PHP. It makes use of the wonderful Geomorphs created by Dyson Logos, and can key the dungeons with encounters from the Moldvay Basic D&D Boxed Set, the Moldvay/Cook B/X Boxed Sets combination, or the d20 Pathfinder game (though the Pathfinder keying is a little wonky). This project is on hold, but may eventually be reimplemented for Let's Build an RPG! as a J2EE web application.

B/X D&D Character Generator (done) - A quick hack of the Labyrinth Lord generator from http://truculent.org/llchar/, modified to roll B/X characters. Source code is included, but it's a bit messy. D:

What's New

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