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TUTORIAL: Installing Subclipse

This tutorial is based on Eclipse Indigo SR1. If you find that this tutorial has become out-of-date, please email me and let me know, and I'll update it.

Start Eclipse

Start up Eclipse. Please note that some versions of eclipse that ship in various Linux distribution package repositories are broken and won't let you install plugins. In this situation, it is best to remove the distro package and manually install eclipse somewhere in your home directory.

Install New Software

Go to the “Help” menu and select “Install New Software”.

Add the Subclipse Update Site

We must add the Subclipse update site to the list of places Eclipse can download plugins from. When the “Install New Software” window appears, press the “Add” button on the top right.

Fill in the fields of the “Add Repository” window as shown. You can cut-n-paste this URL:

Select the Proper Components

After pressing OK to add the Subclipse update site, wait for a moment until the plugin list updates.

Then select all components except “Subversion JavaHL Native Library Adapter”. It will say that it is required, but installing it will probably break things unless you really know what you are doing. Instead, we are installing the “SVNKit Client Adapter”, which is pure Java and does not rely on having an external native Subversion program installed.

Once you have selected all components except “Subversion JavaHL Native Library Adapter”, press the “Next” button. Eclipse will grind for a few moments calculating requirements and dependencies.

Review the Items to be Installed

Just click “Next”.

Accept the License

Accept the license agreement and click “Finish”.

Wait for the Plugins to Install

Wait for a bit while the plugins are downloaded and installed. Once the installation is complete, you will be given the option to restart Eclipse. Do that.

You're done!

There will be another tutorial forthcoming about how to connect your installation of Eclipse to our Subversion repository here on this site, and access the game's source code.

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