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 +====== Let's Build an RPG! ======
 +A WikiBook (and Work-In-Progress) Detailing the Design and Construction of a Silly Retro-Style Computerized RPG.
 +<nspages :​rustybox:​book -exclude:​start -exclude:​incapplet -simpleList -title -textPages=""​ -textNS=""​ -sortId>
 +**Note for Chrome users with Linux:** Some of these pages contain java applets. ​ At the time of this writing, the IcedTea java plugin that ships with most Linux distributions,​ when used with the Google Chrome browser, likes to crash. ​ If you get such crashes, either reload the page until the plugin and chrome start behaving again, or switch to Firefox temporarily.
 +====== Tutorials ======
 +A Collection of Helpful Documents Supporting the Above.
 +<nspages :​rustybox:​book:​tutorials -exclude:​start -exclude:​incapplet -simpleList -title -textPages=""​ -textNS=""​ -sortId>
 +====== Browse Subversion Repository ======
 +  * [[http://​svn.dizzydragon.net/​rustybox/​]]
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