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NEWS: New Telengard Project?

So it seems a fellow named Patrick Klee is working on a project called Revival2K -- A Telengard telnet BBS? Must learn more!

NEWS: IO Site Gone, New Main Site Live

The IO site is no longer available. My ex-wife and I have parted ways, and she has chosen not to continue supporting the site. No worries, it's found its new home at http://dnd.lunaticsworld.com now and that should remain for a long, long time.

NEWS: DND Section On The ChungKuo BBS!

It's true! The famed Linux-based ChungKuo BBS will be opening a DND-like games section. You can visit the BBS by telnetting to it or via their Java-based Telnet client. A fun way to play all your favorite DND-like games; be sure to check it out!

NEWS: Justin Is Back, Finally

Hey everyone. After a very long period of inactivity with this page (partly due to health reasons), I have once again resumed my duties as Chief Resident DND-head. Many thanks to John, Dave, Richard and Ken, who have maintained the page in my absence, and posted RND a8.

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