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Adventure Generator

This is a (hopefully) stable snapshot of the map generator, and should not be too terribly buggy.

You can also try out the Development Version version of the generator. It probably has cooler features, but may be broken from time to time as I am coding on it.

Le Note!

I just want to make it clear that all of the graphics used in this generator were originally created by Dyson Logos. He deserves tons more credit than I can claim for any of this, because hacking php is easy, but being creative is hard. :3 He has a ton of really awesome stuff on his website, stuff that is far better than the meager hackery I've done!



Generate an Adventure!

Output formatting options:

(broken) Format HTML for duplex printing:
(broken) Use 5' grid instead of 10':
(broken) Add space under location keys for written notes:
Suppress display of these controls:


Generate a new random dungeon, using default values:


Advanced generation options, if you want to tweak things:

Dressing generation algorithm:
Encounter generation algorithm:
Map generation algorithm:
Random seed [0-2147483647, default random]:
Width (feet) [0-2000, default 300]:
Height (feet) [0-2000, default 300]:
Party Level [(totalLevels/numChars)*4, default 1]:



Submit a Bug Report or Comment

Feel free to use the discussion area at the bottom of the page to report any bugs or suggest any ideas!

Note: Due to a high incidence of spambots and other oddball internet people causing much time to be lost with discussion moderation, discussion has been disabled for the moment. We may reenable it for registered users at some point, but for now you'll just have to send an email. Sorry!

Want to Help?

Go to Test Harness and Development Downloads, and you can develop your own generator modules and submit them back here for inclusion!


Using the Dungeons

These dungeons are best enjoyed with an old school RPG of some kind. (We like B/X best!)

Special Thanks

Special thanks to those of you who have made monetary contributions. I was going to list names here, but then I figured y'all might want to remain anonymous. ;P Let me know if there's any particular direction you'd like to see the site take!